Alloys Poured:
Most Aluminum alloys including 319, 356, A356, 357, 443, 535 (Almag), 713 (Tenzalloy), 771 (Precedent), ZA series and Zamac series.  We have on site Heat Treating and Anealing capabilities.

Most Copper Base alloys including Aluminum Bronzes, Pure Copper, Manganese Bronzes, No Lead Bronzes and Plumbing Brasses.  We stock and pour over forty different alloys.

Molding Processes:
Our production molding lines use Green Sand on the following molding machines:

  • Automatic Molding: Hunter 14×19 and 20×24 Flask sizes
  • Squeezer Molding: 12×12 up to 16×20 Flask sizes (Many sizes available)
  • Rotolift Molding:  18×18 up to 30×36 and 20×50 Flask sizes (Many sizes available)
  • Loose and Floor Work:  This area can use either Green Sand or Air-Set sand for loose patterns, prototypes, large castings, and other castings requiring special attention.
  • Permanent Molding:  Aluminum castings from 1 oz up to 70 lbs.

Our Core Department uses several processes:

  • Shell Cores:  Harrison – Redford – Dependable machines
  • Cold Box or Air-set Cores: Palmer machines
  • Oil Cores: Hand made

Heat Treating:
We have 2 Heat Treatment furnaces to handle your heat treating requirements.

In-House CNC Machine shop with 12 CNCs to handle your machining requirements:

  • CNC Milling Machines with Rotary and 4th axis Trunnion Rotary.
  • CNC Lathes – high speed and live tool models
  • CNC high speed milling/drilling/tapping machines
  • Manual Milling, Turning, and Drill Presses
  • Assembly

Foundry Master to verify or certify alloys poured