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Aluminum Sand & Permanent Mold Castings

Large OEM Support Arms

Locomotive Oil Filter Retainer Rings

Emergency Siren Housings

Locomotive Injector Housings

Permanent Mold Castings

22 lb Aluminum Gas Injector Housing
cast to meet Level I Radiograph

Permanent Mold Intake Manifold

Motorcycle Crankcases

Mold with Cast in Steel Tubing

Permanent Mold Connecting Rod

Custom Tractor Engine Front

Small Gearbox with Cooling Fins

Zinc Aluminum
with Cast in Steel Insert

Aluminum Cover with Cooling Fins

Permanent Mold Department

Brass & Bronze Sand Castings

Manganese Bronze Washers

Bronze Connector

Valve Bodies

OEM Bronze Housing

Water Valve Cover

Bronze Impellers

Small Hardware Castings


Pump Bodies


Rapid Prototypes and Wood Patterns

Rapid Prototype Hatchet Head

Prototype Light Housing

Patterns & Permanent Molds

3D Modeling of Patterns

Hardwood Pattern on a Wood Board

Cast Aluminum Match Plates

Fully Machined Iron Permanent Mold

Master Pattern and Match Plate

30″ x 40″ Air Set Box Pattern

Wood Pattern and Core Box

Loose Pattern for Electrical Connector

Loose Pattern with Coreboxes


5-Axis Machining

Flameproof Aluminum Electrical Boxes

CNC Machining

Bronze Valve Body Caps Machined

OEM Parts Machined

Electrical Elbows

Iron Valve Body

OEM Housing and Cover

Outdoor Lighting Housing

OEM Base Nickel Bronze

Oil Field Parts

Vibratory Finished Skillets

Anodizing – Powder Coating – Painting – Polishing – Heat Treating

Cast Aluminum – Machined – Powder Coated

Cast Aluminum Railing Powdercoated

Sports Ball Display Brackets

Custom Hand Rail Bracket – Vibratory Finished

Machined – Anodized Meter Body

Vibratory Finished Skillets

Chrome Plated Aluminum Fender Tips

Lighting Components

OEM Brackets